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Hadith Course

The Holy Prophet’s (SAW) narrations are the most important part of Islam; without them, we wouldn’t be able to understand the Holy Quran.

From birth to death, business dealings, marital relations, manners on the road, and even what to eat and drink, we need the guidance of Hadith in all these things.

Hadith is the second most important source of Islamic law after the Holy Quran. Hadith explains many of the Quran’s commands that are Complicated to understand.

Recommendations for the memorization of forty hadith

“Whoever memorizes forty traditions from which my community benefits in their religious affairs, Allah will raise him on the Day of Resurrection as a learned jurist and a scholar.”- The Holy Prophet (saw)

The tradition of the earlier learned Muslims:

Jabir b. Abdullah al-Ansari heard that Abdullah b. Anas has heard a hadith from the Prophet (SAW) concerning being unfair to people, the hadith that Jabir did not acknowledge. He purchased a camel and traveled for a month to find Abdullah in Damascus only to hear the hadith directly from Abdullah and return home!


Tafseer of the Quran is basically the explanation or interpretation. The Tafseer is written for the people (especially non-Arabic) so that they can get an understanding of the Quran and explore the message of Allah Almighty.

It helps the readers understand what Quran demands of us for living a life according to the directions given by Allah Almighty.

Translation gives the literal meanings of the verses and it can resolve the issue of learning the verbal meanings of the Quran.On the other hand, Tafseer provides you with the context and the purpose of the specific verse. 

It’s important to note that Tafseer is a vast field of study, and the depth and breadth of a Tafseer course can vary depending on the level of study, institution, and specific goals of the course.

Initially, you can start with translation, but when you get the literal meanings, you need to explore the true message and you can achieve your target only through Tafseer.

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